Time & Tide....

January 4, 2017

I must start 2017 with an apology for 2016. 


I have been quite negligent in contributing to my photography journal.  During 2016, I've been making plenty of images but haven't been writing about my experiences on making the images or what moved me to create the image in the first place - for that, I apologize. 


The truth of the matter is I simply wasn't inspired to write:  a particularly busy work life along with many family and social commitments have dissuaded me from doing so and I allowed the pressures of my life to convince me that I simply did not have time to do what is important for the image and for me {alert! Alert! - lame excuse warning!}.   ....besides, it was always something that could wait and I'd get to eventually, ...when time permitted.


But, 2017 is a new year - a fresh start - so, let's start off as I mean to go on....


I made this image on Boxing Day (26 December 2016) at Portmuck Harbour and whilst  framing the image I was reminded of the Geoffrey Chaucer quotation, 


"Time & tide wait for no man."


The quote reminded me of the fact that we all have a limited life span on this earth and those things that are important must never be sacrificed to those less so.  Work, family & social obligations all have a legitimate claim to a proportion of our finite time.  But, ultimately, we choose what proportion of our time we are prepared to invest & where to invest it and lame excuses such as the one above serve no real value nor purpose.  Creating the above image reminded me that we must be mature, responsible individuals and remain forever cognizant that the choices we make are paid-for in the currency of moments:  moments which are available to each of us in an undisclosed but finite allocation.


I remind myself that for a life well-lived, all payments made should yield life-enriching benefits either to others or to oneself:  time spent in any other fashion is a squandered investment. 


The time I spent making this image was time well-spent: it helped me disengage from the stresses of work and rejuvenated my dwindling spirit which my family will attest - "makes me easier to be around".  


I enjoy making these journal entries; it helps me capture and crystallize my thoughts on what inspired me to make the image and in so doing justifies the image's purpose - as well as my own.


I wish you all a happy & healthy 2017 and may all your moments be worthwhile investments.





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