The Eternal Moment

April 30, 2017


"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." 

~ Dorothea Lange


As photographers we should never take for granted the privilege bestowed on us to capture a moment in time and to preserve it for posterity.  The instant the shutter is pressed the scene is captured and that moment (a moment that is but one moment out of the myriad of moments that make up your life) is captured for all-time.  If you preserve the source file, that instant in time will be in existence long after you are gone. 


Personally, holding on to that thought has helped me retain a certain reverence for the privilege of calling myself a photographer and consequently I work diligently at making every image I create the best it can possibly be so that I may remain worthy of that privilege. 


It's also a practice I endeavour to apply to every aspect of my personal life - I freely admit that it's difficult, very difficult - but I try to remain conscious of the truth brought to me through the writings of Dan Millman, that, "There are no ordinary moments."  and every moment granted to me is unique, special and presents to me the opportunity to deliver excellence in my thoughts, words and actions. 


 Whether it's photography, parenting, working or socialising each moment deserves excellence - actually, on a side note each moment demands excellence:  but, that's another journal entry for some future moment...


I'm very aware that, in these journal entries, I don't delve too deeply (well, hardly ever) into photographic techniques or the latest and greatest equipment specifications (I'll leave that to the professionals), but I do none-the-less espouse the need for excellence in photography and the innate (possibly dormant for some) desire to achieve excellence - not to gain the admiration of others but to attain the personal satisfaction derived from being the best photographer I can be from frame to frame; from moment to moment. 


"You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment."

~ Henry David Thoreau


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