Portraiture! - A New Horizon?

March 21, 2018

To this point in my photographic journey, I've focused solely on Landscape photography: and what a trip it's been, so far!  But, another aspect of photography has recently caught my interest: portraiture.


I can't say exactly when and why this has happened, but, lately I've become fascinated with people's characters and how their character is reflected in their demeanour, facial expressions and  - especially - their eyes. 


"The face is the mirror of the mind, and eyes without speaking confess the secrets of the heart."

~ St. Jerome


As a photographer, I am always interested in capturing the essence of a subject's character and this is one aspect common to both landscape and portrait photography -  I always endeavour to capture a subject in such a way that clearly communicates to the viewer of the image the essence of the subject's character.  It's an objective I've always pursued in landscape photography and one I'll chase in portraiture, also. 


So, I remain on the photographic journey but - for the moment - I'm heading towards a new horizon.  What's beyond that horizon, I have no idea; but I'll be sure to enjoy the journey.



For the short-term, I plan to restrict my portraiture work to studio-based work, only.  So, I've set up a small two-light studio in my garage and I've started experimenting with different lighting arrangements.  I've been pleasantly surprised and excited by the variety of lighting options (and creative outcomes) possible from only a two-light budget set-up.  This is one aspect of portrait photography that differs in the extreme from landscape photography:  with studio-based portraiture, I choose what the lighting conditions will be and I'm not at the mercy of mother nature's choice of lighting.  


The above image is one of the first portraits I've taken.  This is Lily, my 5 year old granddaughter.  I'm pretty pleased with how the image has turned out as I believe I have captured Lily's precociousness and fun-loving character.  


I'll be taking more portraits (family & friends, I suspect) in the weeks and months to come and I hope to improve with each press of the shutter.   So, call back often as I plan to post more images to my new Portraiture page and I'll possibly provide a few journal entries on the subject as well.



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